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Chad Wackerman

Drummer with Frank Zappa.

Jimmy Wages

Take Me from This Garden of Evil (1956)

Richard Wagner

Classical composer and pianist born Wilhelm Richard Wagner on 5/22/1813 in Leipzig, Germany. Died 2/13/1883.

Der Fliegende Hollander (aka ‘The Flying Dutchman’) (opera: 1843)
Tannhauser (opera: 1845)
Lohengrin (opera: 1850)
Tristan Und Isolde (opera, 1859)
Die Meistersinger Von Nurnberg (The Master-Singers of Nuremburg) (opera: 1868)
The Ring Cycle (Der Ring Des Nibelungen) (opera, 1848-1874)

Robert Wagner

Porter Wagoner

Country singer born 8/12/1927 in West Plains, MO. Recorded as a duo with Dolly Parton from 1967-1976. Died 10/28/2007.

A Satisfied Mind (1955)
Misery Loves Company (1962)
Green, Green Grass of Home (1965)
The Cold Hard Facts of Life (1967)
The Carroll County Accident (1968)
Please Don’t Stop Loving Me (with Dolly Parton, 1974)

Bea Wain

Cry Baby Cry (1938) – see Larry Clinton
My Reverie (1938) – see Larry Clinton
You Go to My Head (1938) – see Larry Clinton
Love Is Here to Stay (1938) – see Larry Clinton
Heart and Soul (1938) – see Larry Clinton
Deep Purple (1939) – see Larry Clinton
Over the Rainbow (1939) – see Larry Clinton

Loudon Wainwright III

Dead Skunk (1973)
Rufus Is a Tit Man (1975)
Motel Blues (1979)

Rufus Wainwright

Hallelujah (2001)
Want (2003)

John Waite

Rock singer/songwriter born 7/4/1952 in Lancaster, Lancashire, England. With The Babys (1974-81) and Bad English (1987-91).

Missing You (1984)
When I See You Smile (1989) – see Bad English

The Waitresses

Christmas Wrapping (1981)

Tom Waits

Gravelly-voiced monolgue song stylist/actor/songwriter/experimental rocker born 12/7/1949 in Pamona, CA in the back of a taxicab. Appeared in movies Rumblefish, Down by Law, Ironweed, and Dracula. Married Irish playwright Kathleen Brennan on 12/13/91 with whom he co-wrote the 1988 musical Frank's Wild Years. Composed the movie soundtracks One from the Heart and Night on Earth.

Looking for the Heart of Saturday Night (1974)
Tom Traubert’s Blues (Four Sheets to the Wind in Copenhagen) (1976)
16 Shells from a Thirty-Ought Six (1983)
Downtown Train (1985)
Time (1985)
Hang on St. Christopher (1987)
Innocence When You Dream (1987)
Cold Water (1999)
Day After Tomorrow (2004)

Small Change (1977)
Swordfishtrombones (1983)
Rain Dogs (1985)
Bone Machine (1992)
Mule Variations (1999)
Alice (2002)

Jimmy Wakely

American country singer born 2/16/1914. Died 9/23/1982.

One Has My Name, the Other Has My Heart (1948)
I Love You So Much It Huts (1948)
Slipping Around (1949) – see Margaret Whiting

Rick Wakeman

Rock keyboardist born 5/18/1949 in Perivale, London, England. With Yes (1971-74, 1976-80, 1990-92, 1995-96, 2002-04).

Albums Featuring Wakeman:
Space Oddity (aka "Man of Words, Man of Music") (1969) – see David Bowie
Fragile (1971) – see Yes
Hunky Dory (1971) – see David Bowie
Close to the Edge (1972) – see Yes
Tales from Topographic Oceans (1973) – see Yes
Going for the One (1977) – see Yes
Tormato (1978) – see Yes
Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe (1989) – see Yes
Union (1991) – see Yes
Keys to Ascension/Keys to Ascension 2 (1996/1997) – see Yes

Waldorf-Astoria Dance Orchestra

Beautiful Ohio (1919)


Bad (with Tiara Thomas or Rihanna, 2013)

Bob Walkenhorst

American roots-rock singer/songwriter born 6/1/1953. In the group Phantasia (1971-72), the Walkenhorst Brothers (1977), and the trio Steve, Bob & Rich (1983-85) which evolved into Rainmakers (1986-). Has also collaborated with his daughter Una and Jeff Porter.

DMDB profile page
DMDB podcast: The Best of Bob Walkenhorst & the Rainmakers

The Top 100 Songs of the Rainmakers & Bob Walkenhorst
Primitivo Garcia (2003)
For Tomorrow (with Una Walkenhorst, 2018)

The Beginner (2003)
No Abandon (with Jeff Porter, 2009)
Spare (rerecordings, 2011)
Spare Vol. 2 (Rerecordings, 2016)
For Tomorrow (with Una Walkenhorst, 2018)
A Thousand Words (2021)

Alan Walker

Faded (2015)

Albertina Walker & the Caravans

Lord, Keep Me Day by Day (1959)

Cindy Walker

Frank Walker

George Walker

Good Morning, Carrie (1902) – see Bert Williams

Jerry Jeff Walker

Mr. Bojangles (1968)

Joe Louis Walker

Junior Walker (& the All-Stars)

American R&B singer born 6/14/1931. Died 11/23/1995.

Shotgun (1965)
I’m a Road Runner (1966)
Way Back Home (1971)

Compact Command Performances (compilation, 1986)

Scott Walker

Jackie (1967)

Summer Walker

Over It (2019)

T-Bone Walker

Blues singer/songwriter, guitarist, and pianist born Aaron Thibeaux Walker on 5/28/1910 in Linden, TX. Died 3/6/1975.

Mean Old World (1942)
Call It Stormy Monday (1947)

The Complete 1940-1954 (1954)
T-Bone Blues (1959)

The Walker Brothers

Make It Easy on Yourself (1965)
The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore (1966)
No Regrets (1975)

Jo Walker-Meador

The Walkmen

The Rat (2004)

Bows Arrows (2004)

Walk the Moon

Shut Up and Dance (2014)

The Wallace Brothers

Precious Words (1964)

Jerry Wallace

If You Leave Me Tonight I’ll Cry (1972)

Sippie Wallace

Blues singer born Beulah Belle Thomas on 11/1/1898 in Plum Bayou, Jefferson County, AR. Died 11/1/1986.

Morgan Wallen

Up Down (with Florida Georgia Line, 2017)
Whiskey Glasses (2018)
Chasin’ You (2018)
7 Summers (2020)
More Than My Hometown (2020)
Wasted on You (2021)
Sand in My Boots (2021)
Don’t Think Jesus (2022)
Thought You Should Know (2022)
You Proof (2022)
Last Night (2023)
Thinkin’ ‘Bout Me (2023)

If I Know Me (2018)
Dangerous: The Double Album (2021)

Fats Waller

Jazz singer, composer, and musician born Thomas Wright Waller on 5/21/1904 in New York City, NY. Died 12/15/1943. One of the country's most popular entertainers in the 1930s, with his playful, high-spirited vocals, distinctive stride piano style, and jazz accompaniment. Worked as a piano and organ accompanist during the 1920s until his first big break, collaborating on Broadway musical scores Keep Shufflin' and Hot Chocolates (including his classic "Ain't Misbehavin'"). Bill Coleman (trumpet), Gene Sedric (clarinet/tenor sax) and Rudy Powell (clarinet) were his top sidemen. Died shortly after his hit movie appearance in Stormy Weather. The late-'70s hit Broadway musical Ain't Misbehavin' celebrated his great songs and spirit.

Ain't Misbehavin' (1929)
Honeysuckle Rose (1935)
Truckin’ (1935)
A Little Bit Independent (1935)
All My Life (1936)
It’s a Sin to Tell a Lie (1936)
Smarty (You Know It All) (1937)
Two Sleepy People (1938)
Jitterbug Waltz (1942)

Ain't Misbehavin' (musical: 1978)

The Wallflowers

One Headlight (1996)
6th Avenue Heartache (1996)

Bringing Down the Horse (1996)

Larry Wallis

Police Car (1977)

Wall of Voodoo

Mexican Radio (1983)

Van "Piano Man" Walls

Joe Walsh

Rock singer/songwriter and guitarist born 11/20/1947 in Wichita, KS. With the James Gang (68-71) and the Eagles (1975-80, 1994-). Also a solo artist.

Rocky Mountain Way (1973)
Life’s Been Good (1978)

Bruno Walter

Wang Chung

Dance Hall Days (1984)
Everybody Have Fun Tonight (1986)


Latin-style funk band formed in Long Beach, CA. Eric Burdon's backup band until 1971. Active: 1969- Members: Lonnie Jordan (k), Howard Scott (g), Charles Miller (sax; fatally shot by a robber in 1980), Morris "B.B." Dickerson (b: 69-79), Harold Brown (?: 69-), and Thomas "Papa Dee" Allen (percussion; died onstaqge on 8/30/88 of a brain hemorrhage), and Lee Oskar (harmonica), Alice Tweed Smyth (v: 78-82), Luther Rabb (b – Ballin' Jack; War: 79-), Pat Rizzo (horns: 79-), Ron Hammond (percussion – Aalon; Ballin' Jack; War: 79-), Rae Valentine (94), Charles Green (94), Kerry Campbell (94), Tesuya Nakamura (94), and Sal Rodriquez (94).

Spill the Wine (with Eric Burdon, 1970)
Slippin’ into Darkness (1971)
The Cisco Kid (1972)
The World Is a Ghetto (1972)
Low Rider (1975)
Why Can’t We Be Friends (1975)

The World Is a Ghetto (1972)
Anthology (compilation: 1970-94)

Anita Ward

Ring My Bell (1979)

Bill Ward

Heavy metal drummer born William Thomas Ward on 5/5/1948 in Birmingham, England. With Black Sabbath (68-80,83-86,97-99).

Clara Ward & the Ward Singers

How I Got Over (1950)

Helen Ward

These Foolish Things Remind Me of You (1936) – see Benny Goodman
Goody Goody (1936) – see Benny Goodman
It’s Been So Long (1936) – see Benny Goodman
The Glory of Love (1936) – see Benny Goodman
You Turned the Tables on Me (1936) – see Benny Goodman
Day in, Day Out (1939) – see Bob Crosby

Madisen Ward & the Mama Bear

Mother and son duo from Kansas City.


Silent Movies (2015)

Samuel A. Ward

Song(s) written by Ward:
America the Beautiful (1895) – see Katherine Lee Bates

Shayne Ward

That's My Goal (2005)

Andy Warhol

Steve Wariner

Country singer born 12/25/1954 in Noblesville, IN.

All Roads Lead to you (1981)
Some Fools Never Learn (1985)
You Can Dream of Me (1985)
Life’s Highway (1986)
Small Town Girl (1986)
The Weekend (1987)
Lynda (1987)
Where Did I Go Wrong (1989)
I Got Dreams (1989)
Holes in the Floor of Heaven (1998)

Fred Waring

Musician born Frederick Malcolm Waring 6/9/1900 in Tyrone, PA. Died 7/29/1984.

Sleep (1923)
Memory Lane (1924)
Collegiate (1925)
The Sweetheart of Sigma Chi (1927)
Ah! Sweet Mystery of Life (with Tom Waring, 1928)
Laugh, Clown, Laugh! (1928)
Little White Lies (with Clare Hanlon, 1930)
I Found a Million Dollar Baby in a Five and Ten Cent Store (with Clare Hanlon, 1931)
Dancing in the Dark (1931)
Soft Lights and Sweet Music (1932)
Let’s Have Another Cup of Coffee (1932)

Tom Waring

Ah! Sweet Mystery of Life (1928) – see Fred Waring

Janne Warman

Rock keyboardist with Children of Bodom and Warmen.

Jennifer Warnes

Pop/AC singer born on 3/3/47 in Seattle and raised in Orange County, CA. Lead actress in the L.A. production of Hair. Also recorded as Jennifer Warren and simply as Jennifer.

It Goes Like It Goes (1979)
Up Where We Belong (with Joe Cocker, 1982)
I’ve Had the Time of My Life (with Bill Medley, 1987)

The War on Drugs

Under the Pressure (2014)

Lost in the Dream (2014)
A Deeper Understanding (2017)


Down Boys (1988)
Heaven (1989)
Cherry Pie (1990)
Uncle Tom's Cabin (1990)

Diane Warren

Pop songwriter born Diane Eve Warren on 9/7/1956 in Van Nuys, CA.

Song(s) written by Warren:
Diane Warren: Top 30 Songs
Look Away (1988) – see Chicago
Because You Loved Me (1996) – see Celine Dion
Un-Break My Heart (1996) – see Toni Braxton
How Do I Live (1997) – see LeAnn Rimes
I Don't Want to Miss a Thing (1998) – see Aerosmith

The DMDB Blog:
Best-of List: The Top 30 Songs by Diane Warren (10/30/11)

Harry Warren

42nd Street (composed with Al Dubin & Johnny Mercer, soundtrack: 1933, musical: 1980)

Rusty Warren

Knockers Up! (1960)

Dee Dee Warwick

Dionne Warwick

R&B/pop singer born Marie Dionne Warwick on 1212/1940 in East Orange, NJ. In church choir from age 6. With the Drinkard Singers gospel group. Formed the Gospelaires trio with sister Dee Dee Warwick and their aunt Cissy Houston. Attended Hartt College of Music in Hartford, CT. Did much backup work in NY during the late '50s. Added an "e" to her last name for a time in the mid-70s. Was composers Burt Bacharach's and Hal David's main "voice". Co-hosted TV's Solid Gold (80-81,85-86). Has hosted TV informercials for the Psychic Friends Network since the early '90s. Is a cousin of Whitney Houston.

Don’t Make Me Over (1962)
Anyone Who Had a Heart (1963)
Walk on By (1964)
Alfie (1967)
Do You Know the Way to San Jose? (1968)
That's What Friends Are For (Dionne & Friends: Elton John, Gladys Knight, Stevie Wonder, 1985)

Dinah Washington

R&B/blues singer born Ruth Lee Jones on 8/29/1924 in Tuscaloosa, AL. Died 12/14/1963.

Am I Asking Too Much (1948)
Teach Me Tonight (1954)
What a Diff'rence a Day Makes (1959)
Unforgettable (1959)
Baby, You’ve Got What It Takes (with Brook Benton, 1960)

Gino Washington

Gino Is a Coward (1963)

Grover Washington, Jr.

Just the Two of Us (1981) – see Bill Withers

Justine "Baby" Washington

Kamasi Washington

Heaven and Earth (2018)

Keith Washington

Kissing You (1991)

Ned Washington

Was (Not Was)

Walk the Dinosaur (1988)

The Waterboys

The Whole of the Moon (1985)
Fisherman's Blues (1988)

Dick Waterman

Ethel Waters

American blues singer born 10/31/1896. Died 9/1/1977.

Sweet Georgia Brown (1925)
Dinah (1926)
Am I Blue? (1929)
Stormy Weather (Keeps Rainin' All the Time) (1933)

Muddy Waters

Blue singer, guitarist, and harmonica player born McKinley Morganfield on 4/4/1915 (some sources say 1913) in Rolling Fork, MS. Died 4/30/1983. Pivotal figure in the development of the Chicago blues style. Self-taught harmonica in the early 1920s, guitar in the early '30s. First recorded for Library of Congress in 1941. Moved to Chicago in 1943.

I Feel Like Going Home (1948)
I Can’t Be Satisfied (1948)
Rollin’ Stone (1950)
Rollin’ and Tumblin’ (1950)
Long Distance Call (1951)
Baby Please Don’t Go (1953)
Hoochie Coochie Man (1954)
I Just Want to Make Love to You (1954)
Mannish Boy (1955)
Got My Mojo Working (1957)
You Shook Me (1962)

Best of (compilation: 1947-55, released 1958) – see His Best 1947-55
His Best 1947-55 (compilation: 1947-55, released 1997)
At Newport (live, 1960)
Folksinger (1964)
The Real Folk Blues (compilation: 1947-64, released 1966)
Down on Stovall's Plantation (1966)
McKinley Morganfield (aka "Muddy Waters") (1971)
The Anthology 1947-1972 (compilation: 1947-72)
The Chess Box (box: 1947-72, released 1989)
Can't Get No Grindin' (1973)
Hard Again (1977)
The Complete Plantation Recordings (1993)

Roger Waters

DMDB profile page

Rock singer/songwriter and bassist born George Robert Waters on 9/6/1944 in Great Bookham, Surrey, England. With Pink Floyd. Also a solo artist.

Pink Floyd et al: Top 100 Songs
Folded Flags (1986)
Mother (live with Sinéad O'Connor & The Band, 1990)
What God Wants (1992)
Each Small Candle (live, 2000)
Smell the Roses (2017)
Déjà Vu (If I Had Been God) (2017)

Pink Floyd et al: Studio Albums Ranked
Radio K.A.O.S. (1987)
The Wall: Live in Berlin (live with various artists, 1990)
Amused to Death (1992)
Flickering Flame (compilation: 1984-2001, released 2002)
Is This the Life We Really Want? (2017)

Jody Watley

R&B/pop singer, songwriter, and record producer born 1/30/1959 in Chicago, IL. First made her name with Shalamar before becoming a solo artist.

Looking for a New Love (1987)

Doc Watson

Bluegrass guitarist and vocalist born 3/3/1923. Died 5/29/2012.

Black Mountain Rag (1964)
Deep River Blues (1964)

Doc Watson (1964)

Gene Watson

Country singer born Gary Gene Watson on 10/11/1943 in Palestine, TX.

Fourteen Carat Mind (1981)

Ivory "Deek" Watson

R&B singer born 7/18/1909 in Mounds, IL. Died 11/4/1969. With The Ink Spots.

Johnny "Guitar" Watson

Blues guitarist born John Watson, Jr. on 2/3/1935 in Houston, TX. Died 5/17/1995.

Mike Watt

Andre Watts

Charlie Watts

Rock drummer born 6/24/1941 in London. With Blues Incorporated, the Rolling Stones (63-), and Wille & the Poorboys (85).

Jeff Wayne

War of the Worlds (1978)

Mabel Wayne

Thomas Wayne with the Delons

Tragedy (1959)

Tion Wayne

Body (with Russ Millions, 2021)

The Weather Girls

It's Raining Men (1982)

Weather Report

Birdland (1977)

Heavy Weather (1977)

Jim Weatherly

The Weavers

Wasn’t That a Time? (1949)
Goodnight Irene (with the Gordon Jenkins' Orchestra, 1950)
On Top of Old Smoky (with Terry Gilkyson, 1951)
Kisses Sweeter Than Wine (1951)
So Long (It’s Been Good to Know Ya) (1951)
Around the Corner Beneath the Berry Tree (1952)

At Carnegie Hall (live, 1957)

Chick Webb

Jazz big band leader and drummer born William Henry Webb on 2/10/1905 in Baltimore, MD. Died 6/16/1939.

Stompin’ at the Savoy (1934)
A-Tisket, A-Tasket (1938) – see Ella Fitzgerald

Clifton Webb

Easter Parade (1933) – see Leo Reisman

Jimmy Webb

Songwriter born Jimmy Layne Webb on 8/15/1946 in Elk City, OK.

Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber

Musical theater composer born on 3/22/1948 in Kensington, London, England.

Songs written with Tim Rice:
I Don't Know How to Love Him (from Jesus Christ Superstar, 1971) – see Yvonne Elliman
I Don't Know How to Love Him ( from Jesus Christ Superstar, 1971) – see Helen Reddy
Superstar (from Jesus Christ Superstar, 1971) – see Ben Vereen
Close Every Door (from Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, 1972)
Don't Cry for Me Argentina (from Evita, 1976) – see Julie Covington
Don't Cry for Me Argentina (from Evita, 1996) – see Madonna

Other Songs by Webber:
Memory (from Cats, written with T.S. Eliot, 1981) – see Barbara Streisand
Music of the Night (from The Phantom of the Opera, performed by Michael Crawford, 1986)
All I Ask of You (from Phantom of the Opera, 1986) – see Sarah Brightman
The Phantom of the Opera (from The Phantom of the Opera, 1986)

Jesus Christ Superstar (composed with Tim Rice; studio: 1970, musical: 1971: soundtrack: 1973)
Evita (composed with Tim Rice; 1976, musical: 1978, soundtrack: 1996)
Cats (composed with T.S. Eliot, musical: 1981)
Phantom of the Opera (composed with Charles Hart/Richard Stilgoe, musical: 1986)
Phantom of the Opera – Highlights (1988)
Sunset Boulevard (composed with Don Black & Christopher Hampton, musical: 1993)

Joan Weber

Let Me Go, Lover! (1954)

Ben Webster

Jazz musician born Benjamin Francis Webster on 3/27/1909 in Kansas City, MO. Died 9/20/1973. Les

Joseph Philbrick Webster

Song(s) by Webster (music) and Sanford F. Bennett (words):
In the Sweet By-and-By (1868)

Paul Francis Webster

Dave Weckl

Jazz drummer with Chick Corea.

The Weeknd

Earned It (Fifty Shades of Grey) (2014)
Can’t Feel My Face (2015)
The Hills (2015)
Starboy (with Daft Punk, 2016)
I Feel It Coming (with Daft Punk, 2016)
Low Life (2016) – see Future
Die for You (with Ariana Grande, 2016)
Call Out My Name (2018)
Heartless (2019)
Blinding Lights (2019)
Save Your Tears (with Ariana Grande, 2020)
Hawaii (2020) – see Maluma

Trilogy (2012)
Beauty Behind the Madness (2015)
Starboy (2016)
After Hours (2020)
The Highlights (compilation: 2021)

Ran Weeks

With a Song in My Heart (1929) – see Leo Reisman

Ted Weems

Bandleader and musician born Wilfred Theodore Wemyes on 9/26/1901 in Pitcaim, PA. Died 5/6/1963. Led Chicago-based dance band whose blockbuster 1947 hit "Heartaches" was a 14-year-old reissue. Perry Como got his first major exposure with the band in the late '30s.

Somebody Stole My Gal (1924)
The Man from the South with a Big Cigar in His Mouth (with Art Jarrett & Parker Gibbs, 1930)
My Baby Just Cares for Me (1930)
Heartaches (with Elmo Tanner, 1947)


Ocean Man (1997)


Buddy Holly (1994)
Undone (The Sweater Song) (1994)
Say It Ain’t So (1994)
Pork and Beans (2008)
Africa (2018)

Weezer (aka "The Blue Album") (1994)

We Five

You Were on My Mind (1965)

Wei Wei

Mongolian/Chinese Mandopop singer born Zhang Ju Xia Wei on 8/21/1963.

Cynthia Weil

Songwriter born 10/18/1940 in New York City, NY. Worked frequently with Barry Mann, whom she married in 1961. Worked in the legendary Brill Building, known for housing some of pop music history's most famous songwriters and publishers.

Songs written by Cynthia Weil:
Top 30 Songs
On Broadway (1963) – see the Drifters
You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin' (1964) – see Righteous Brothers

Scott Weiland

Rock singer born Scott Richard Kline on 10/27/1967 in San Jose, California. Died 12/3/2015 in Bloomington, Minnesota, from a drug overdose. With Stone Temple Pilots (1992-2003, 2008-13), Velvet Revolver (2003-08), and Magnificent Bastards (1995). Also recorded as a solo artist.

Scott Weiland: Top 20 Songs
Plush (1992) – see Stone Temple Pilots
Creep (1992) – see Stone Temple Pilots
Plush (acoustic, 1993) – see Stone Temple Pilots
Interstate Love Song (1994) – see Stone Temple Pilots
12 Gracious Melodies (1994) – see Stone Temple Pilots
Sour Girl (1999) – see Stone Temple Pilots
Fall to Pieces (2004) – see Velvet Revolver
The Last Fight (2007) – see Velvet Revolver

Kurt Weill

Classical songwriter born Kurt Julian Weill on 3/2/1900 in Dessau, Germany. Died 4/3/1950.

Song(s) composed by Weill:
Mack the Knife (1955) – see Louis Armstrong
Mack the Knife (1959) – see Bobby Darin
Mack the Knife (1960) – see Ella Fitzgerald

Die Dreigroschenoper (The Threepenny Opera) (1928)
Lost in the Stars (composed with Maxwell Anderson, musical: 1949) – see Kurt Weill

George Wein

Max Weinberg

Rock drummer born 4/13/1951 in Newark, NJ. With Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band.

Bobby Weinstein

Bob Weir

Rock singer/songwriter and guitarist born 10/16/1947 in San Francisco, CA. With Grateful Dead.

Frank Weir

The Happy Wanderer (1954)

George David Weiss

Bob Welch

Sentimental Lady (1977)

Gillian Welch

Tear My Stillhouse Down (1996)

Time (The Revelator) (2001)

Lenny Welch

Since I Fell for You (1963)

Les Welch

The Thing (1951)
Ay-Round the Corner (1952)

Pete Welding

Lawrence Welk

Jazz/big band leader born 3/11/1903 in Strasburg, ND. Died 5/17/1992. Hosted his own music TV show.

Shame on You (with Red Foley, 1945)
Oh Happy Day (with Larry Hooper, 1953)
Calcutta (1961)

Calcutta! (1961)

Paul Weller

English alternative rock singer/songwriter and guitarist born John William Weller, Jr. on 5/27/1958 in Woking, Surrey, England. With The Jam ("A Town Called Malice", All Mod Cons) and The Style Council ("Shout to the Top") before becoming a solo artist (1995's Stanley Road).

Wild Wood (1993)

Stanley Road (1995)

The Wellingtons

The Ballad of Gilligan’s Isle (1965)

John Barnes Wells

Memories (1916)

Junior Wells

Blues singer and harmonica player born Amos Wells Blakemore, Jr. on 12/9/1934 in Memphis, TN. Died 1/15/1998.

Messin' with the Kid (with Buddy Guy, 1970)

Hoodoo Man Blues (1965)
It's My Life, Baby! (1966)
Blues Hit Big Town (1977)

Kitty Wells

Country singer born Ellen Muriel Deason on 8/30/1919 in Nashville, TN. Died 7/16/2012.

It Wasn’t God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels (1952)
One by One (with Red Foley, 1954)
Heartbreak U.S.A. (1961)

Mary Wells

R&B singer born 5/13/1943 in Detroit, Michigan. Died 7/26/1992. Helped define the Motown sound in the early 1960s.

Bye Bye Baby (1960)
You Lost the Sweetest Boy (1963)
My Guy (1964)

Vince Welnick

Rock keyboardist born 2/21/1951 in Phoenix, AZ. Died 6/2/2006. With Grateful Dead and The Tubes.

E.W. "Bud" Wendell

Percy Wenrich

Song(s) by Wenrich:
Peaches and Cream (1906) – see Len Spencer
Moonlight Bay (1912) – see American Quartet

Pete Wentz

Reinald Werrenrath

Baritone singer born 8/7/1883 in Brooklyn, New York. Died 9/12/1953. With the Haydn Quartet, Orpheus Quartet (1914-19), and Victor Opera Quartet.

Dottie West

Country singer born Dorothy Marie Marsh on 10/11/1932 in Smithville, TN. Died 9/4/1991.

Every Time Two Fools Collide (1978) – see Kenny Rogers
All I Ever Need Is You (1979) – see Kenny Rogers
A Lesson in Leavin’ (1980)
Are You Happy Baby? (1980)
What Are We Doin’ in Love (with Kenny Rogers, 1981)

Kanye West

Rap singer, producer, and record executive (Roc-A-Fella) born Kanye Omari West on 6/8/1977 in Atlanta, GA.

Slow Jamz (2003) – see Twista
Through the Wire (2003)
Jesus Walks (2004)
Gold Digger (with Jamie Foxx, 2005)
Diamonds from Serra Leone (2005)
Stronger (with Daft Punk, 2007)
Good Life (with T-Pain, 2007)
Heartless (2008)
Swagga Like Us (2008) – see Jay-Z
Run This Town (2009) - see Jay-Z
Forever (2009) – see Drake
All of the Lights (with Drake & Rihanna, 2010)
E.T. (2010) – see Katy Perry
Runaway (with Pusha T, 2010)
Otis (2011) - see Jay-Z
Niggas in Paris (2011) - see Jay-Z
Mercy (with Big Sean, Pusha T, & 2 Chainz, 2012)
Four Five Seconds (2015) – see Rihanna
I Love It (with Lil Pump, 2018)
Jail (2021)

The College Dropout (2004)
Late Registration (2005)
Graduation (2007)
808’s and Heartbreak (2008)
My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (2010)
Watch the Throne (2011) – see Jay-Z
Yeezus (2013)

Keith West

Excerpt from a Teenaged Opera (1967)

West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band

Shifting Sands (1967)

West End Players

A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square (1941)
Down Argentina Way (1941)

Thomas P. Westendorf

Song(s) written by Westendorf:
I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen (1875)
I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen (1916) – see Walter Van Brunt

Paul Westerberg


You Raise Me Up (2005)

Cliff Weston

Alone (1936) – see Tommy Dorsey

Kim Weston

R&B singer born 12/20/1939 in Detroit, Michigan. Had solo hits ("Take Me in Your Arms (Rock Me a Little While)") and dueted with Marvin Gaye ("It Takes Two").

It Takes Two (1967) – see Marvin Gaye

Paul Weston

American jazz/big band leader born Paul Westein on 3/12/1912. Died 9/20/1996.

Dream (When You’re Feeling Blue) (1945) – see Pied Pipers
Doctor, Lawyer, Indian Chief (1945) – see Betty Hutton
Come Rain or Come Shine (1946) – see Margaret Whiting
Nevertheless I’m in Love with You (with the Norman Luboff Choir, 1950)

Wet Leg

Chaise Longue (2021)

John Wetton

Rock singer and bassist born 6/12/1949 in Willington, Derbyshire, England. Died 1/31/2017. In King Crimson (b/v: 73-75), Roxy Music (b: 74-75), and Asia (v: 81-90, 07-17).

Wet Wet Wet

Love Is All Around (1994)

Wet Willie

Keep on Smilin’ (1974)

Jerry Wexler

Record executive and producer born Gerald Wexler on 1/10/1917 in the Bronx, NY. Died 8/15/2008. Signed and/or produced Ray Charles, Aretha Franklin, Led Zeppelin, the Allman Brothers Band, Wilson Pickett, and Dusty Springfield. Credited with coining the term "rhythm and blues." With Ahmet and Nesuhi Ertegun, he built Atlantic Records into a major record company.

Weyes Blood

And in the Darkness, Hearts Aglow (2022)

Tina Weymouth

New wave bassist born Martina Michele Weymouth on 11/22/1950 in Coronado, CA. With Talking Heads.


British pop duo comprised of George Michael and Andrew Ridgely.

The Wham Rap (1983)
Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go (1984)
Careless Whisper (1984) – see George Michael
Last Christmas (1984)
Everything She Wants (1985)

Make It Big (1984)

Anna Wheaton

Till the Clouds Roll By (with James Harrod, 1917)

Peetie Wheatstraw

Blues singer born William Bunch on 12/21/1902 in Ripley, TN. Died 12/21/1941.


Teenage Dirtbag (2000)

Elizabeth Wheeler

Meet Me Tonight in Dreamland (with Harry Anthony, 1910)

When in Rome

The Promise (1989)


Saturday Night (1994)

The Whispers

R&B group formed in 1963 in Los Angeles, CA. Had #1 R&B hits "And the Beat Goes On" and "Rock Steady."

Alan White

Progressive rock drummer born 6/14/1949 in Pelton, County Durham, England. Died 5/26/2022. With Yes (1972-2022).

Barry White

R&B singer and producer born Barry Eugene Carter on 9/12/1944 in Galveston, TX. Died 7/4/2003.

Love’s Theme (Love Unlimited Orchestra, 1973)
You're the First, the Last, My Everything (1974)
Can't Get Enough of Your Love, Babe (1974)
Practice What You Preach (1994)

Ultimate Collection (compilation, 1988)

Bukka White

Blues guitarist and singer born Booker T. Washington White on 11/12/1909 in Houston, MI. Died 2/26/1977.

Fixin' to Die (1940)

Parchman Farm (year?)

Chris White

Rock bassist born 3/7/1943 in Barnet, Hertfordshire, England. With The Zombies (1962-67, 1989-91, 1997).

Clarence White

Guitarist born Clarence Joseph LeBlanc on 6/7/1944 in Lewiston, Maine. Died 7/15/1973. With the Everly Brothers and the Byrds.

Cook White

Song(s) composed by White:
Buffalo Gals Will You Come Out Tonight (1844)

Fred White

R&B drummer born 1/13/1955 in Chicago, IL. Died 1/1/2023. With Earth, Wind & Fire.

Jack White

DMDB profile page

Rock singer and guitarist born John Anthony Gillis on 7/9/1975 in Detroit, Michigan. With the White Stripes, one of the prominent garage rock revival bands of the early 21st century. He also helmed the Ractoneurs and the Dead Weather.

Jack White: Top 50 Songs
Portland, Oregon (2004) – see Loretta Lynn
Sixteen Saltines (2012)
Love Interruption (2012)

Blunderbuss (2012)
Lazaretto (2014)
Boarding House Reach (2018)
Fear of the Dawn (2022)

The DMDB Blog:
Jack White on track for first #1 album (5/1/12)

Josh White

John Henry (1942)

Karyn White

The Way You Love Me (1988)
Superwoman (1988)

Lillian White

Zero to Hero (with Roz Ryna & Cheryl Freeman, from Hercules, 1997)

Maurice White

R&B singer/songwriter/producer/percussionist/kalimba player born 12/19/1941 in Memphis, TN. Died 2/3/2016. Founder of Earth, Wind & Fire. Session drummer for Chess records; Ramsey Lewis Trio; Salty Peppers.

Ronnie White

R&B baritone singer born 4/5/1939 in Detroit, MI. Died from leukemia on 8/26/1995. With The Miracles (1955-78, 1980-83, 1993-95).

Verdine White

R&B bassist born Verdine Adams Jr. on 7/25/1951 in Chicago, IL. With Earth, Wind & Fire.

White Lion

Wait (1987)
When the Children Cry (1987)

Paul Whiteman

Big-band leader Paul Whiteman was born on 3/28/1890 in Denver, Colorado, to musical parents. His mother was a former opera singer and his father supervised music for the Denver Public Schools for 50 years. He died 12/29/1967. The media called him "The King of Jazz" although critics said his music lacked the improvisational techniques associated with the genre. In Joel Whitburn's Pop Memories 1890-1954, he's called "the most popular bandleader of the pre-swing era."

Whiteman joined the Denver Symphony Orchestra as a viola player in 1907 and the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra in 1914. In 1918, he conducted a 12-piece U.S. Navy band. He moved to New York City in 1920 and directed groups up to 35 at a time when most dance bands consisted of 6-10 men. He worked with RCA Victor (20-28, 31-37), Columbia (28-30), and Capitol. He produced more than 600 recordings and provided music for six Broadway shows. He launched the career of Bing Crosby, who sang with the orchestra from 1925 to 1930.

Paul Whiteman: Top 100 Songs
Whispering (1920)
The Japanese Sandman (1920)
Wang Wang Blues (1920)
Bright Eyes (1921)
My Mammy (1921)
Cherie (1921)
Song of India (1921)
Say It with Music (1921)
April Showers (1922)
Do It Again (1922)
Three O’Clock in the Morning (1922)
Stumbling (1922)
Hot Lips (He's Got Hot Lips When He Plays Jazz) (1922)
I'll Build a Stairway to Paradise (1922)
Carolina in the Morning (1923)
When Hearts Are Young (1923)
Parade of the Wooden Soldiers (1923)
Bambalina (1923)
Crinoline Days (1923)
I Love You (1924)
Linger Awhile (1924)
What'll I Do? (1924)
Rhapsody in Blue (1924) – see George Gershwin
Somebody Loves Me (1924)
Limehouse Blues (1924)
Oh, Lady Be Good (1925)
All Alone (1925)
Valencia (A Song of Spain) (with Franklyn Baur, 1926)
The Birth of the Blues (with Jack Fulton, Charles Gaylord, & Austin Young, 1926)
Side by Side (with the Rhythm Boys, 1927)
In a Little Spanish Town (with Jack Fulton, 1927)
It All Depends on You (1927)
My Blue Heaven (1927)
Just a Memory (1927)
Among My Souvenirs (with Jack Fulton, Charles Gaylord, & Austin Young, 1928)
My Heart Stood Still (with Al Rinker, Jack Fulton, Charles Gaylor, & Austin Young, 1928)
Together (with Jack Fulton, 1928)
Ol' Man River (with Bing Crosby, 1928)
Ramona (with Austin Young, 1928)
My Angel (Angela Mia) (1928)
Lover, Come Back to Me (with Jack Fulton, 1929)
Without a Song (with Bing Crosby, 1929)
Great Day (with Bing Crosby, 1929)
I’m a Dreamer, Aren’t We All? (with Bing Crosby, Al Rinker, Hary Barris, & Jack Fulton, 1929)
Body and Soul (1930)
Grand Canyon Suite (1931)
All of Me (with Mildred Bailey, 1931)
Willow Weep for Me (with Irene Taylor, 1932)
Lover (with Jack Fulton, 1933)
If I Love Again (with Bob Lawrence, 1933)
Smoke Gets in Your Eyes (with Bob Lawrence, 1933)
You're the Top (with Peggy Healy, 1934)
Anything Goes (1934)
Wagon Wheels (with Bob Lawrence, 1934)
I Get a Kick Out of You (with Ramona Davies, 1934)
Trav’lin Light (with Billie Holiday, 1942)

Masterpieces (compilation: 1920-27, released 2015)

The DMDB Blog:
Best-of List: Bing Crosby's First Trip to #1 – and Paul Whiteman's Top 100 Songs (3/31/12)

White Reaper

Might Be Right (2019)


Hard-rock group formed in 1977 by David Coverdale (v: 1977-90, 1997, 2006-). Other members have included Tommy Aldridge (d: 89-90), Ron Aspery (sax: 77), Vivian Campbell (g: 87-88), David Dowell (d: 78-79), Aynsley Dunbar (d: 89-90), Mel Galley (g: 82-85), Roger Glover (b: 77), Deslie Harper (b: 77), Tim Hinkley (k: 77), Colin "Bomber" Hodgkinson (b: 82-84), Brian Johnson (k: 78, 84-85), Jon Lord (k: 78-84), Bernie Marsden (g: 78-81), Mick Moody (g: 77-83), Neil Murray (b: 78-81), Ian Paice (d: 79-81), Simon Phillips (d: 77), Cozy Powell (d: 82-85), Pete Solley (k: 78), Rudy Sarzo (b: 89-90), John Sykes (g: 84-88), Steve Vai (g: 89-90), Adrian Vandenberg (g: 89-90).

Coverdale, Glover, Lord, & Paice were in Deep Purple. As of 2023, Whitesnake has featured six Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees as members.

Here I Go Again (1987)
Still of the Night (1987)
Is This Love (1987)

The White Stripes

One of the most important bands in the early 21st century. Helmed a garage rock revival. Active: 1997-2011 Members: Jack White (v/g/k) and Meg White (d)

Jack White: Top 50 Songs
Hotel Yorba (2001)
Fell in Love with a Girl (2001)
Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground (2001)
We’re Going to Be Friends (2001)
Seven Nation Army (2003)
The Hardest Button to Button (2003)
Blue Orchid (2005)
My Doorbell (2005)
Icky Thump (2007)

The White Stripes (1999)
De Stijl (2000)
White Blood Cells (2001)
Elephant (2003)
Get Behind Me Satan (2005)
Icky Thump (2007)
Under Great White Northern Lights (live, 2010)
Greatest Hits (compilation: 1998-2007, released 2020)

White Town

Your Woman (1997)

David Whitfield

Cara Mia (1954) – see Mantovani
My September Love (1956)

Norman Whitfield

R&B songwriter and producer born 5/12/1940 in Harlem, NY. Died 9/16/2008. Best known for his work with Motown acts such as The Temptations and Gladys Knight & the Pips.

Song(s) written by Norman Whitfield with Barrett Strong:
Ain't Too Proud to Beg (1966) – see the Temptations
I Heard It Through the Grapevine (1968) – see Marvin Gaye
War (1970) – see Edwin Starr
Just My Imagination Running Away with Me (1971) – see the Temptations
Papa Was a Rollin’ Stone (1972) – see the Temptations

Brad Whitford

Rock guitarist born 2/23/1952 in Winchester, MA. With Aerosmith.

Margaret Whiting

Country musician born 7/22/1944 in Detroit, Michigan. Died 1/10/2011.

Come Rain or Come Shine (with the Paul Weston Orchestra, 1946)
A Tree in the Meadow (1948)
Far Away Places (1949)
Slipping Around (with Jimmy Wakely, 1949)
Baby, It's Cold Outside (1949) – see Johnny Mercer

Richard Whiting

Keith Whitley

Don’t Close Your Eyes (1988)
When You Say Nothing at All (1988)
I’m No Stranger to the Rain (1989)
It Ain’t Nothin’ (1989)

Bobby Whitlock

Rock songwriter and musician born Robert Stanley Whitlock on 3/18/1948 in Memphis, TN. With Delaney & Bonnie (1968-70), George Harrison (1970), Derek & the Dominos (1970-71), and Dr. John (1971). Also played on the Rolling Stones’ Exile on Main Street (1972).

Slim Whitman

Country singer born Otis Dewey Whitman, Jr. on 1/20/1923 in Tampa, FL. Died 6/19/2013.

Rose Marie (1955)

Roger Whittaker

The Last Farewell (1975)

The Who

DMDB profile page.

DMDB podcast: The 50th Anniversary of Who's Next

Rock group formed in London. Developed stage antics of destroying their instruments. 1969 rock opera album Tommy became a movie in 1975. 1973 rock opera album Quadrophenia became a movie in 1979. The Who's biographical movie The Kids Are Alright was released in 1979. Eleven fans trampled to death at 12/3/79 Cincinnati concert. Regrouped at "Live Aid" in 1986 and reunited again in 1989 for a 25th anniversary tour. Reunion tours in 1996, 1997, and 2002 also. Daltrey, Townshend, & Entwistle were all in The Detours together and then Moon joined them and they became The Who; briefly changing their name to The High Numbers before reverting back to The Who.

Active: 1964-82, 1989, 1996-97, 2002, 2006- Members: Roger Daltrey (v: 64-82, 89, 06-), Pete Townshend (g/v: 64-82, 89, 06-), John Entwistle (b/v: 64-82, 89), Keith Moon (d: 64-78), Kenney Jones (d: 78-82, 89), Zak Starkey (d: 06), Pino Palladino (b: 06), John "Rabbit" Bundrick (k: 06), Simon Townshend (backing v: 06)

The Who: Top 100 Songs
My Generation (1965)
I Can’t Explain (1965)
Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere (1965)
The Kids Are Alright (1965)
Happy Jack (1966)
Substitute (1966)
I’m a Boy (1966)
I Can See for Miles (1967)
Pictures of Lily (1967)
Magic Bus (1968)
Pinball Wizard (1969)
See Me, Feel Me (1969)
Go to the Mirror Boy (1969)
Won't Get Fooled Again (1971)
Baba O'Riley (1971)
Behind Blue Eyes (1971)
Love Reign O'er Me (1973)
Squeeze Box (1975)
Who Are You? (1978)
Emincence Front (1982)
All This Music Must Fade (2019)

The Who: Studio Albums Ranked
My Generation (1965)
A Quick One (1966)
Sell Out (1967)
Tommy (1969)
Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncy (compilation: 1964-70, released 1971)
Live at Leeds (live, 1970)
Who's Next (1971)
Quadrophenia (1973)
By Numbers (1975)
Who Are You (1978)
Hooligans (compilation: 1965-78, released 1981)
Greatest Hits (compilation: 1965-78, released 1983)
Face Dances (1981)
Who's Better Who's Best (compilation: 1954-81, released 1988)
My Generation: The Very Best of (compilation: 1965-81, released 1996)
It's Hard (1982)
The Ultimate Collection (compilation: 1964-82, released 2002)
Who's Last (live, 1984)
30 Years of Maximum R&B (box: 1964-91, released 1994)
The Who’s Tommy (musical: 1993)
Lifehouse (2000) – see Pete Townshend
Then & Now (compilation: 1964-2003, released 2004)
Endless Wire (2006)
Greatest Hits (compilation: 1964-2006, released 2009)
Hits 50! (compilation: 1964-2014, released 2014)
Who (2019)

The DMDB Blog/Facebook Note(s):
Now Presenting the Half Time Show Starring the Theme Songs of CSI (2/8/10)

Jane Wiedlin

New-wave guitarist born 5/20/1958 in Oconomowoc, WI. With The Go-Go’s (1978-).

Richard Wilbur

Candide (musical: 1956) – see Leonard Bernstein


California Stars (with Billy Bragg, 1998)
Way Over Yonder in the Minor Key (with Billy Bragg, 1998)
I Am Trying to Break Your Heart (2001)
Jesus Etc. (2002)
Impossible Germany (2007)

Being There (1996)
Mermaid Avenue (with Billy Bragg, 1998)
Yankee Hotel Foxtrot (2002)
A Ghost Is Born (2004)

Wild Cherry

Play That Funky Music (1976)

Kim Wilde

Kids in America (1981)
You Keep Me Hangin’ On (1986)

Alan Wilder

Electronica keyboardist born 6/1/1959 in Hammersmith, London, England. With Depeche Mode (1982-95).

Alec Wilder

Gene Wilder

Puttin’ on the Ritz (with Peter Boyle, 1974)

The Wildhearts

Earth Vs. the Wildhearts (1993)

Geeshie Wiley

Last Kind Word Blues

Peter J. Wilhousky

Song(s) written by Wilhousky with M. Leontovich:
Carol of the Bells (1919)

Brad Wilk

Alternative-rock/rap-metal drummer born 9/5/1968 in Portland, OR. With Rage Against the Machine (1991-2000, 07-) and Audioslave (01-06).

Leon Wilkeson

Rock bassist born 4/2/1952 in Newport, RI. With Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Rap singer with Black Eyed Peas. Born William James Adams on 3/15/1975 in Los Angeles, CA.

Ordinary People (2004) – see John Legend
Beep (2006) – see Pussycat Dolls
OMG (2010) – see Usher
Hall of Fame (2012) – see The Script
Scream & Shout (with Britney Spears, 2012)

Willy William

Mi Gente (2017) – see J. Balvin

William Shakespeare

My Little Angel (1975)

Andy Williams

Adult contemporary singer born Howard Andrew Williams on 12/3/1927 in Walt Lake, IA. Died 9/25/2012.

Butterfly (1957)
The Village of St. Bernadette (1959)
Moon River (1962)
It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year (1963)
O Holy Night (1963)
Can’t Get Used to Losing You (1963)

Moon River & Other Great Movie Themes (1962)
Days of Wine and Roses (1963)

Bert Williams

Vaudeville entertainer born Egbert Austin Williams in Nassau, Bahamas on 11/12/1875. Died 3/4/1922. Preeminent entertainer and comedian of the Vaudeville era and the best-selling black recording artist before 1920.

Good Morning, Carrie (with George Walker, 1902)
Nobody (1906)
Let It Alone (1906)
He's a Cousin of Mine (1907)
Play That Barber-Shop Chord (1910)
O Death, Where Is Thy Sting? (1919)
It’s Nobody’s Business But My Own (1919)

Boris Williams

Goth-rock drummer born 4/24/1957 in Versailles, France. With The Cure (1984-94).

Big Joe Williams

Blues singer born Joseph Lee Williams on 10/16/1903 in Crawford, Mississippi. Died 12/17/1982.

Baby Please Don’t Go (1935)
Blues on Highway 49 (1935)

Piney Woods Blues (1958)

Christopher Williams

I'm Dreamin' (1991)

Clarence Williams

Wild Cat Blues (1923)
Cake Walking Babies from Home (with Eva Taylor, 1925)

Cliff Williams

Rock bassist born 12/14/1949 in Romford, Essex, England. With AC/DC (1977-2016).

Deniece Williams

Too Much, Too Little, Too Late (1978) – see Johnny Mathis

Don Williams

Country singer/songwriter ("I Believe in You") born 5/27/1939 in Floydada, TX. Died 9/8/2017.

I Wouldn’t Want to Live if You Didn’t (1974)
You’re My Best Friend (1975)
Turn Out the Lights and Love Me Tonight (1975)
Til the Rivers All Run Dry (1976)
Say It Again (1976)
Some Broken Hearts Never Mind (1977)
I’m Just a Country Boy (1977)
Tulsa Time (1978)
It Must Be Love (1979)
Love Me Over Again (1979)
I Believe in You (1980)
Lord I Hope This Day Is Good (1981)
If Hollywood Don’t Need You (1982)
Love Is on a Roll (1983)
Stay Young (1983)
That’s the Thing About Love (1984)
Heartbeat in the Darkness (1986)

I Believe in You (1981)

Evan Williams

Because (1910)

Hank Williams

Country singer/songwriter and guitarist born Hiram King Williams on 9/17/1923 in Mount Olive, AL. Died from alcohol/drug abuse on 1/1/1953. Hosted own radio show on WSFA in Montgomery; billed as "The Singing Kid." Formed his own band, The Drifting Cowboys, as a teenager. Married Audrey Sheppard in 1944; their son is country singer Hank Williams, Jr. First recorded for Sterling in 1946. Regular on the Louisiana Hayride from 1948-49; with the Grand Ole Opry from 1949-52. In 1952, he divorced Audrey, was fired from the Opry in August, and married Billie Jean Jones Eshlimar, who later married Johnny Horton. Also recorded as Luke the Drifter.

Move It on Over (1947)
I Saw the Light (1948)
Honky Tonkin’ (1948)
Lovesick Blues (1949)
I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry (1949)
Long Gone Lonesome Blues (1950)
Why Don’t You Love Me (1950)
Moanin’ the Blues (1950)
Cold, Cold Heart (1951)
Hey, Good Lookin' (1951)
Jambalaya on the Bayou (1952)
I’ll Never Get Out of This World Alive (1952)
Kaw-Liga (1953)
Your Cheatin’ Heart (1953)
Take These Chains from My Heart (1953)

40 Greatest Hits (compilation: 1947-53, released 1978)
Turn Back the Years: The Essential Collection (box: 1947-53)

The DMDB Blog:
Hank Williams charts for the first time: August 9, 1947 (8/9/11)

Hank Williams, Jr.

Country singer ("All My Rowdy Friends Have Settled Down," "Are You Ready for Some Football? (Theme from Monday Night Football)") born Randall Hank Williams on 5/26/1949 in Shreveport, LA. Son of singer Hank Williams.

All for the Love of Sunshine (with the Mike Curb Congregation, 1970)
Eleven Roses (1972)
Family Tradition (1979)
A Country Boy Can Survive (1981)
Texas Women (1981)
Dixie on My Mind (1981)
All My Rowdy Friends Have Settled Down (1981)
Honky Tonkin’ (1982)
All My Rowdy Friends Are Coming Over Tonight (1984)
I’m for Love (1985)
Ain’t Misbehavin’ (1986)
Mind Your Own Business (1986)
Born to Boogie (1987)

Hank Williams Jr. & Friends (1975)
Born to Boogie (1987)

J. Mayo Williams

Jody Williams

Joe Williams

Everyday I Have the Blues (1955) – see Count Basie

John Williams

Classical/film score composer born John Towner Williams on 2/8/1932 in Floral Park, NY.

Star Wars (Main Title) (1977)

Star Wars IV: A New Hope (soundtrack: 1977)

Larry Williams

Bony Maronie (1957)
Mercy Mercy Mercy (with Johnny Watson, 1967)

Lucinda Williams

Pineola (1992)
Car Wheels on a Gravel Road (1998)
Essence (2001)
Righteously (2003)

Lucinda Williams (1988)
Car Wheels on a Gravel Road (mixing by Rick Rubin, 1998)

Marion Williams

Packing Up (1958)

Mary Lou Williams

Jazz pianist, composer, and arranger born Mary Elfrieda Scruggs on 5/8/1910 in Atlanta, GA. Died 5/28/1981.

Night Life (1930)

Zodiac Suite: Town Hall Concert (1945)

Maurice Williams & the Zodiacs

Stay (1960)
May I (1962)

Otis Williams

R&B tenor/baritone singer, songwriter, and record producer born 10/30/1941 in Texarkana, TX. Founder and last surviving member of The Temptations.

Paul Williams

Baritone singer born 7/2/1939 in Ensley, Alabama. Died 8/7/1973. One of the founding members and original lead singer of The Temptations (1961-1971).

Paul Williams

Paul "Hucklebuck" Williams

Pharrell Williams

R&B/pop singer/songwriter and producer born Pharrell Lanscilo Williams on 4/5/1973 in Virginia Beach, VA.

Half of The Neptunes production team.

Drop It Like It's Hot (2004) – see Snoop Dogg
Money Maker (2006) – see Ludacris
Blurred Lines (2013) – see Robin Thicke
Get Lucky (2013) – see Daft Punk
Happy (2013)
Feels (2017) – see Calvin Harris

GIRL (2014)

Ralph Vaughan Williams

Classical composer born 10/12/1872 in Down Ampney, Gloucestershire, England. Died 8/26/1958.

Robbie Williams

Pop singer born Robert Peter Williams on 2/13/1974 in Stoke-on-Tent, Staffordshire, England. Started out with boy band Take That before becoming hugely successful international solo star.

Angels (1997)
Strong (1998)
She's the One (1999)
Rock DJ (2000)

Life Thru a Lens (1997)
I've Been Expecting You (1998)
Greatest Hits (compilation: 1997-2004, released 2004)

Robert "Pete" Williams

Angola Prisoners' Blues (Robert Pete Williams et al, 1959)

Roger Williams

Pianist born Louis Jacob Weertz on 10/1/1924 in Omaha, NE. Died 10/8/2011.

Autumn Leaves (1955)
Born Free (1966)

Spencer Williams

Tex Williams

Smoke! Smoke! Smoke! That Cigarette (1947)

Tony Williams

R&B singer born 4/5/1928 in Elizabeth, NJ. Died 8/14/1992. With The Platters.

Tony Williams

Jazz drummer born Anthony Tillmon Williams on 12/12/1945 in Chicago, IL. Died 2/23/1997.

Vanessa Williams

R&B singer and actress who was a former Miss America. Born Vanessa Lynn Williams on 3/18/1963 in Chappaqua, NY.

Save the Best for Last (1992)
Colors of the Wind (1995)

Victoria Williams

Can't Cry Hard Enough (1990) – see the Williams Brothers
Crazy Mary (1994) – see Pearl Jam

Walter Williams

R&B baritone/bass singer born 8/25/1942 in Canton, OH. With The O’Jays.

William B. Williams

Radio DJ.

The Williams Brothers

Twin brothers Andrew and David Williams born February 22, 1959 in Henderson, Nevada. Nephews of singer Andy Williams. Sister Victoria is also a musician. First recorded as teen idols in the early 1970s.

Can't Cry Hard Enough (1991)
It's a Wonderful Life (1991)
Miss This World (1991)

Two Stories (1987)
The Williams Brothers (1991)
Harmony Hotel (1993)

The Williams Brothers Quartet

Swinging on a Star (1944) – see Bing Crosby

James Williamson

Proto-punk-rock guitarist born 10/29/1949 in Castroville, TX. With The Stooges (1970-74).

Sonny Boy Williamson #1

Blues singer born John Lee Williamson on 3/30/1914 in Jackson, TN. Died 6/1/1948.

Good Morning Little School Girl (1937)

Sonny Boy Williamson #2

Blues musician born Aleck Ford on 12/5/1899 in Tallahatchie County. Died 5/25/1965. Also known as Rice Miller and Aleck Miller.

Eyesight to the Blind (1951) k
Nine Below Zero (1951)
Don’t Start Me Talkin’ (1955)
Help Me (1963)

Down and Out Blues (1959)

Allee Willis

Chuck Willis

It’s Too Late (1956)
C.C. Rider (1957)
What Am I Living For (1958)
Hang Up My Rock and Roll Shoes (1958)
Betty and Dupree (1958)

Pete Willis

Rock guitarist born 2/16/1960 in Sheffield, England. With Def Leppard (1977-82).

Wallace Willis

Song(s) written by Willis:
Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (arranged by Henry Thacker Burleigh, 1873)
Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (1910) – see Fisk University Jubilee Quartet
Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (1926) – see Paul Robeson

The Willows

Church Bells May Ring (1956)

Bob Wills (& His Texas Playboys)

Country songwriter and bandleader born James Robert Wills on 3/6/1905 in Limestone, TX. Died 5/13/1975. Called "The King of Western Swing."

Steel Guitar Rag (1936)
San Antonio Rose (1939)
New San Antonio Rose (1940)
Take Me Back to Tulsa (1941)
Smoke on the Water (1945)
Stars and Stripes on Iwo Jima (1945)
Silver Dew on the Blue Grass Tonight (1945)
White Cross on Okinawa (1945)
New Spanish Two Step (1946)
Sugar Moon (1947)
Faded Love (1950)
Ida Red (1951)

Rick Wills

Rock bassist born 12/5/1947 in Cambridge, England. With the Vikings, the Sundowners, Soul Committee, Bullitt, Jokers Wild (66-67), Cochise (70-72), Peter Frampton (72-74), Roxy Music (76), the Small Faces (77-78), David Gilmour (78), Foreigner (79-92), Bad Company (92-98), Jones Gang (06).

Meredith Willson

Musical theater songwriter born Robert Meredith Reiniger on 5/18/1902. Died 6/15/1984

Seventy Six Trombones (Robert Preston, from The Music Man, 1957)
Till There Was You (Anita Bryant, from The Music Man, 1959)

The Music Man (musical: 1957, soundtrack: 1962)

Will to Power

Baby I Love Your Way/
Free Bird Medley (1988)

Ann Wilson

Rock singer/songwriter born 6/19/1950 in San Diego, CA. Formed band Heart with sister Nancy Wilson in 1967.

B.J. Wilson

Rock drummer with Procol Harum.

Brian Wilson

Singer/songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist born Brian Douglas Wilson on 6/20/1942 in Ingelwood, CA. With the Beach Boys (61-85, 96). His daughters, Carnie and Wendy, were in the pop group Wilson Phillips.

Smile (2004)
Reimagines Gershwin (2010)

Carl Wilson

Guitarist born 12/21/1946 in Hawthorne, CA. Died 2/6/1998. With the Beach Boys (1961-1998).

Cassandra Wilson

I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry (1996)

Charlie Wilson

Dennis Wilson

Singer, drummer, and keyboardist born 12/4/1944 in Inglewood, CA. Died 12/28/1983. With the Beach Boys (1961-1983).

River Song (1977)

Don Wilson

Rock guitarist born 2/10/1933 in Tacoma, WA. Died 1/22/2022. With The Ventures.

Dooley Wilson

As Time Goes By (1942)

Eileen Wilson

My Foolish Heart (1950) – see Gordon Jenkins

Frank J. Wilson & the Cavaliers

Last Kiss (1964)

Gretchen Wilson

Redneck Woman (2004)

Here for the Party (2004)

Jackie Wilson

R&B singer born Jack Leroy Wilson, Jr. on 6/9/1934 in Detroit, Michigan. Died 1/21/1984. Had success with the Dominoes (53-57) before embarking on a solo career.

Reet Petite (The Finest Girl You Ever Want to Meet) (1957)
Lonely Teardrops (1958)
Doggin’ Around (1960)
Night (1960)
Baby Workout (1963)
Your Love Keeps Lifting Me Higher and Higher (1967)

The Jackie Wilson Story (compilation, 1983)

Lainey Wilson

Things a Man Oughta Know (2020)
Watermleon Moonshine (2022)

Mary Wilson

R&B singer born 3/6/1944 in Greenville, MI. Died 2/8/2021. With The Supremes (1959-77, 1983).

Nancy Wilson

Jazz singer born 2/20/1937 in Chillicothe, OH.

How Glad I Am (1964)

Nancy Wilson

Rock guitarist and singer born 3/16/1954 in San Francisco, CA. Formed band Heart with sister Ann Wilson in 1967.

Paul Wilson

Doo-wop baritone singer born Paul David Wilson on 1/6/1935 in Chicago, IL. Died 5/6/1988. With The Flamingos.

Teddy Wilson

Jazz/big band leader and pianist born Theodore Shaw Wilson on 11/24/1912 in Austin, TX. Died 7/31/1986.

Sweet Lorraine (1935)
Carelessly (1937) – see Billie Holiday
You Can’t Stop Me from Dreaming (1937)

Wilson Phillips

Hold On (1990)
Release Me (1990)
Impulsive (1990)
You Won’t See Me Cry (1992)
Wilson Phillips (1990)

Wilton Place Street Band

Disco Lucy (1977)

Bebe & Cece Winans

Addictive Love (1991)

Kai Winding

More (1963)

Amy Winehouse

Links: - official site - Facebook - Wikipedia - All Music Guide

British blue-eyed soul singer with well-publicized battles with substance abuse. Born Amy Jade Winehouse on 9/14/1983 in London, England. Died 7/23/2011.

Stronger Than Me (2003)
Rehab (2006)
Love Is a Losing Game (2006)
You Know I’m No Good (2006)

Frank (2003)
Back to Black (2006)

The DMDB Blog:
Amy Winehouse Dead at 27 (7/23/11)


Seventeen (1988)
Headed for a Heartbreak (1988)
Miles Away (1990)


– see Paul McCartney

Joseph Eastburn Winner

Songs by Winner (as R.A. Eastburn):
The Little Brown Jug (1869)

Septimus "Sep" Winner

Song(s) written by Winner:
Listen to the Mocking Bird (aka "The Mocking Bird") (words: Winner as Alice Hawthorne, music: Richard Milburn; 1856)
O Where, O Where Has My Little Dog Gone (1864)
Listen to the Mocking Bird (aka "The Mocking Bird") (1891) – see John Yorke Atlee
Listen to the Mocking Bird (aka "The Mocking Bird") (1899) – see Joe Belmont
Listen to the Mocking Bird (aka "The Mocking Bird") (1904) – see Frank Stanley
Listen to the Mocking Bird (aka "The Mocking Bird") (1916) – see Alma Gluck

George Winston

December (1983)

The Winstons

Color Him Father (1969)

Edgar Winter Group

Frankenstein (1972)
Free Ride (1973)

Johnny Winter

Blues guitarist born John Dawson Winter III on 2/23/1944 in Beaumont, TX. Died 7/16/2014.

Riot in Cell Block #9 (1974)

The Progressive Blues Experiment (1968)

Hugo Winterhalter

Canadian Sunset (1956)

Steve Winwood

Links: DMDB profile page - official site - Facebook - Wikipedia

Rock singer/songwriter and keyboardist born Stephen Lawrence Winwood on 5/12/1948 in Handsworth, Birmingham, England. With the Spencer Davis Group, Traffic, and Blind Faith. Also a solo artist.

Gimme Some Lovin' (1966) – see Spencer Davis Group
Dear Mr. Fantasy (1967) – see Traffic
Can’t Find My Way Home (1969) – see Blind Faith
While You See a Chance (1980)
Valerie (1982)
Higher Love (1986)
Roll with It (1988)

Mr. Fantasy (1967) – see Traffic
Heaven Is in Your Mind (1968) – see Traffic
Blind Faith (1969) – see Blind Faith
John Barleycorn Must Die (1970) – see Traffic
The Finer Things (box: 1964-90, released 1995)


12 X U (1977)

Pink Flag (1977)
Chairs Missing (1978)

Nicky Wire

Mac Wiseman

Wisin y Yandel

Bill Withers

R&B singer/songwriter born William Harrison Withers, Jr. on 7/4/1938 in Slab Fork, WV.

Ain’t No Sunshine (1971)
Lean on Me (1972)
Use Me (1972)
Lovely Day (1977)
Just the Two of Us (with Grover Washington, Jr., 1981)

Still Bill (1972)

Pick Withers

Rock drummer born David Withers on 4/4/1948 in Leicester, England. With Dire Straits (1977-82).

Jimmy Witherspoon

R&B/blues singer born James Witherspoon on 8/8/1923 in Gurdon, AR. Died 8/18/1997.

Ain’t Nobody’s Business (1949)

Scott Wittman

You Can't Stop the Beat (performed by Hairspray Cast, from Hairspray musical: 2002, soundtrack: 2007) – see Marc Shaiman

Hairspray (musical: 2003) – see Marc Shaiman

The Wizard of Oz Ensemble

Ding! Dong! The Witch Is Dead (1939)

Wiz Khalifa

Rapper and singer born Cameron Jibril Thomaz on 9/8/1987 in Minot, North Dakota.

Black and Yellow (2010)
Young, Wild & Free (2011) – see Snoop Dogg
Payphone (2012) – see Maroon 5
Or Nah (2014) – see Ty Dolla $ign
See You Again (with Charlie Puth, 2015)
Sucker for Pain (2016) – see Lil Wayne


Essence (with Tems, 2021)


I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday (1973)

Jah Wobble

Judd Woldin

Raisin (composed with Robert Brittan, musical: 1973)

Wolf Alice

Visions of a Life (2017)


For Lovers (with Pete Doherty, 2004)

Wolfman Jack

Radio DJ.


Woman (2005)
The Joker and the Thief (2005)

Chris Wolstenholme

Bobby Womack

R&B singer/songwriter ("It's All Over Now") born Robert Dwayne Womack on 3/4/1944 in Cleveland, OH. Died 6/27/2014.

Woman’s Gotta Have It (1972)
Across 110th Street (1973)

The Poet II (1984)
The Bravest Man in the Universe (2012)

Lee Ann Womack

Country singer/songwriter born 8/19/1966 in Jacksonville, TX.

I Hope You Dance (with Sons of the Desert, 2000)
I May Hate Myself in the Morning (2004)

There's More Where That Came From (2005)

Stevie Wonder

DMDB profile page

R&B singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer born Stevland Hardaway Morris né Judkins on 5/13/1950 in Saginaw, Michigan. He was a child prodigy who was blind since shortly after his birth. He signed with Motown at age 11; initially doing backup work. He started recording in 1962 as "Little Stevie Wonder" and became the youngest artist (age 13) to top the Billboard Hot 100 with "Fingertips."

Married to Syreeta Wright from 1970-72. When he turned 21, he reworked his Motown contract for more artistic freedom. Near-fatal auto accident on 8/16/73. He has won 25 Grammys, the most ever by a solo artist.

Stevie Wonder: Top 100 Songs
Fingertips (Part 2) (1963)
Uptight (Everything's Alright) (1965)
Blowin’ in the Wind (1966)
I Was Made to Love Her (1967)
Someday at Christmas (1967)
What Christmas Means to Me (1967)
For Once in My Life (1968)
My Cherie Amour (1969)
Signed, Sealed, Delivered (I'm Yours) (1970)
Heaven Help Us All (1970)
Superstition (1972)
You Are the Sunshine of My Life (1972)
I Believe When I Fall in Love It Will Be Forever (1972)
Living for the City (1973)
Higher Ground (1973)
You Haven’t Done Nothin’ (1974)
Don’t You Worry ‘Bout a Thing (1974)
I Wish (1976)
Sir Duke (1976)
Isn’t She Lovely (1976)
Master Blaster (Jammin’) (1980)
Love’s in Need of Love Today (1976)
Happy Birthday (1981)
Ebony and Ivory (1982) – see Paul McCartney
Used to Be (1982) – see Charlene
I Just Called to Say I Love You (1984)
Part-Time Lover (1985)
That's What Friends Are For (1985) – see Dionne Warwick
For Your Love (1995)
How Come, How Long (1996) – see Babyface
True to Your Heart (with 98 Degrees, from Mulan, 1998)

The Jazz Soul of Little Stevie (1962)
A Tribute to Uncle Ray (1962)
The 12 Year Old Genius Recorded Live (live, 1963)
With a Song in My Heart (1963)
Stevie at the Beach (1964)
Uptight, Everything's Alright (1966)
Down to Earth (1966)
I Was Made to Love Her (1967)
Someday at Christmas (Christmas, 1967)
Greatest Hits (compilation: 1963-67, released 1968)
Eivits Rednow (1968)
For Once in My Life (1968)
My Cherie Amour (1969)
Signed, Sealed, & Delivered (1970)
Where I'm Coming From (1971)
Greatest Hits Volume 2 (compilation: 1967-71, released 1971)
Looking Back (compilation: 1962-71, released 1977)
Music of My Mind (1972)
Talking Book (1972)
Innervisions (1973)
Fulfillingness' First Finale (1974)
Songs in the Key of Life (1976)
Journey Through the Secret Life of Plants (1979)
Hotter Than July (1980)
Musiquarium (compilation: 1971-82, released 1982)
The Woman in Red (soundtrack: 1984)
In Square Circle (1985)
Characters (1987)
Jungle Fever (soundtrack: 1991)
Conversation Peace (1995)
Song Review: A Greatest Hits Collection (compilation: 1965-96, released 1996)
At the Close of a Century (box: 1962-97, released 1999)
The Definitive Collection (compilation: 1962-98, released 2002)
A Time to Love (2005)
#1's (compilation: 1962-2005, released 2007)

Andrew Wood

Grunge-rock singer born 1/8/1966 in Columbus, MS. Died 3/19/1990 from a heroin overdose. With Mother Love Bone (1988-90). Bandmates and friends from Soundgarden formed the one-time supergroup Temple of the Dog as a tribute to him.

Brenton Wood

The Oogum Boogum Song (1967)

Chris Wood

Rock musician (keyboards, flute, saxophone) born Christopher Gordon Blandford Wood on 6/24/1944 in Quinton, Birmingham, England. Died 7/12/1983. With Traffic (1967-74).

Del Wood

Down Yonder (1951)

Donna Wood

I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire (1941) – see Horace Heidt

Ron Wood

Rock guitarist/bassist born Ronald David Wood on 6/1/1947 in Hillingdon, Middlesex, England. With The Birds (1964), The Creation, the Jeff Beck Group (1967-69), The Faces (1969-73), The Rolling Stones (1975-).

I Can Feel the Fire (1974)

Roy Wood

Rock singer and multi-instrumentalist born 11/8/1946 in Birmingham, England. With The Move (1965-72, 1981) and Electric Light Orchestra (1970-72).

Harry M. Woods

Ilene Woods

A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes (from Cinderella, 1950)
Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo (from Cinderella, 1950)
So This Is Love (from Cinderella, 1950)

Ren Woods & Ensemble

Aquarius (1979)

Sheb Wooley

The Purple People Eater (1958)
That’s My Pa (1961)

Andrew Woolfolk

R&B saxophonist born 10/11/1950 in San Antonio, TX. With Earth, Wind & Fire.

Eric Woolfson

Scottish singer/songwriter and musician born 3/18/1945 in Charing Cross, Glasgow, Scotland. Died 12/2/2009. Co-founder of the Alan Parsons Project (1975-87).

DMDB blog (12/3/09). "Farewell, Eric Woolfson"

Alan Parsons Project: Top 25 Songs

Freudiana (1990)
The Alan Parsons Project That Never Was (2009)
Edgar Allan Poe: A Musical (2009)
Somewhere in the Audience (compilation: 1993-2009, released 2013)

Victor Wooten

Henry C. Work

Song(s) composed by Work:
Grandfather’s Clock (1876)
Grandfather’s Clock (1905) – see Haydn Quartet

John W. Work III

John Wesley Work Jr.

Song(s) written by Work:
Go Tell It on the Mountain (1865)

World Famous Supreme Team

Hey DJ (1984)

World Party

Ship of Fools (Save Me from Tomorrow) (1986)

Bernie Worrell

Funk keyboardist born George Bernard Worrell on 4/19/1944 in Long Branch, NJ. Died 6/24/2016. With Parliament/Funkadelic.

Link Wray (& His Ray Men)

Singer/songwriter and guitarist born Fred Lincoln Wray, Jr. on 5/2/1929 in Dunn, NC. Died 11/5/2005.

Rumble (1958)

The Wrecking Crew

Wreckless Eric

Whole Wild World (1977)
Semaphore Signals (1977)
Reconnez Cherie (1978)


New Jack Swing (1989)

Alan "Reni" Wren

Rock drummer with Stone Roses.

The Wrens

Come Back My Love (1955)

Betty Wright

Clean Up Woman (1971)
Where Is the Love (1975)

Edythe Wright

On Treasure Island (1935) – see Tommy Dorsey
The Music Goes ‘Round and ‘Round (1935) – see Tommy Dorsey
You (1936) – see Tommy Dorsey
The Big Apple (1937) – see Tommy Dorsey
The Dipsy Doodle (1937) – see Tommy Dorsey
Music, Maestro, Please (1938) – see Tommy Dorsey

Ernest Wright, Jr.

Doo-wop singer born 8/24/1941 in Brooklyn, NY. With Frankie Lymon & the Teenagers.

Gary Wright

Dream Weaver (1975)
Love Is Alive (1975)

Horace Wright

My Own Iona (with Rene Dietrich, 1917)

Richard Wright

Rock keyboardist and songwriter born Richard William Wright on 7/28/1945 in Hatch End, London, England. Died 9/15/2008. With Pink Floyd.

Richard Wright

Broadway composer.

Kismet (musical: 1953) – see Alexander Borodin

Samuel E. Wright

Under the Sea (from The Little Mermaid, 1989)
Kiss the Girl (from The Little Mermaid, 1989)

Stevie Wright

Evie (1974)

Allie Wrubel

Wu-Tang Clan

Method Man (1993)
C.R.E.A.M. (Cash Rules Everything Around Me) (1994)

Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) (1993)
Wu-Tang Forever (1997)

Robert Wyatt

Shipbuilding (1982)

Rock Bottom (1974)

Zakk Wylde

Ross D. Wylie

The Star (1969)

Bill Wyman

Rock bassist born 10/24/1936 in London. With the Rolling Stones (63-92), Wille and the Poorboys (85).

Reese Wynans

Blues-rock keyboardist born 11/28/1947 in Sarasota, FL. With Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble.

Tammy Wynette

Country singer born Virginia Wynette Pugh on 5/5/1942 in Tremont, Mississippi. Married to George Jones from 1969-75. Died 4/6/1998.

My Elusive Dreams (1967) – see David Houston
I Don’t Wanna Play House (1967)
Take Me to Your World (1968)
D-I-V-O-R-C-E (1968)
Stand by Your Man (1968)
Singing My Song (1969)
The Ways to Love a Man (1969)
He Loves Me All the Way (1970)
Run Woman Run (1970)
Good Lovin’ Makes It Right (1971)
Bedtime Story (1972)
My Man (1972)
Til I Get It Right (1972)
We’re Gonna Hold On (1973) – see George Jones
Kids Say the Darndest Things (1973)
Another Lonely Song (1973)
Golden Ring (1976) – see George Jones
Near You (1976) – see George Jones
Til I Can Make It on My Own (1976)
You and Me (1976)

D-I-V-O-R-C-E (1968)
Stand by Your Man (1969)

Philippé Wynne

R&B lead tenor with The Spinners (1972-77). Born Philippe Escalante Walker on 4/3/1941 in Cincinnati, OH. Died 7/14/1984.

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