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Released: June 1989

Rating: 3.417 (average of 9 ratings)

Genre: rock > adult alternative

Quotable: --

Album Tracks:

  1. Young Mountain (T. Finn/ Froom) [4:18]
  2. Not Even Close [4:19]
  3. How’m I Gonna Sleep [3:56]
  4. Parihaka [4:19]
  5. Tears Inside [4:04]
  6. Birds Swim Fish Fly [3:24]
  7. Suicide on Downing Street [3:32]
  8. Show a Little Mercy [4:01]
  9. Crescendo [4:17]
  10. Been There, Done That [4:06]
All songs written by Tim Finn unless otherwise noted.


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Singles/Hit Songs:

  • How’m I Gonna Sleep (6/24/89) #17 AC
  • Crescendo (1989) --
  • Not Even Close (3/10/90) #30 AC

Tim Finn
Tim Finn
“This 1989 release produced by Mitchell Froom is a touching and intensely personal album, Finn bares all, revealing self-doubts, regrets and failed relationships with intricate detail” (

“Perhaps in response to the failed big production of Big Canoe and the success of brother Neil's back-to-basics outfit, Crowded House, Finn simplified his approach for his self-titled album, joining forces with Crowded House producer Mitchell Froom. A touching and intensely personal album, Finn bares all, revealing self-doubts, regrets, and a failed relationship with intricate detail. And despite the subject matter, the album has an optimistic, uplifting overall tone, with tasteful adult-pop arrangements perfectly complementing his strongest melodies and finest songwriting to date. Though the sound and sentiments could have (and should have) easily found an audience in the emerging ‘adult alternative pop’ format, the album went virtually ignored” (Woodstra).

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