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Released: February 1986

Rating: 3.143 (average of 7 ratings)

Genre: rock > adult alternative

Quotable: --

Album Tracks:

  1. Spiritual Hunger [4:35]
  2. Don’t Bury My Heart [4:25]
  3. Timmy [3:43]
  4. So Deep [3:17]
  5. No Thunder, No Fire, No Rain [5:21]
  6. Searching the Streets [4:11]
  7. Carve You in Marble (T. Finn) [5:40]
  8. Water into Wine [4:09]
  9. Hyacinth [4:58]
  10. Big Canoe [4:39]
  11. Hole in My Heart (T. Finn) [3:11]
  12. Are We One Or Are We Two (T. Finn) [3:51]
All songs written by Jeremy Brock and Tim Finn unless otherwise noted.


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Singles/Hit Songs:

  • No Thunder, No Fire, No Rain (3/86) --
  • Carve You in Marble (6/86) --

Big Canoe
Tim Finn
“Tim Finn teamed up with playwright Jeremy Brock for his second solo outing, Big Canoe. Although the collaboration is predictably ambitious – probably Finn's most ambitious since the early days of Split Enz – beneath all the overblown arrangements and slightly dated production lie some terrific songs. Material like No Thunder No Fire No Rain, Hyacinth, and Carve You in Marble deserves a better setting, but the album is still able to shine, and some minor flaws are forgivable, especially to diehard fans. Big Canoe also marks a welcome reunion between Finn and ex-Enz collaborator Phil Judd, who contributes sitar and rhythm guitar to a couple of tracks” (Woodstra).

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