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Dave Whitaker, the creator of Dave’s Music Database, has authored more than a dozen books including some music-themed books. You can check out all his books on his Amazon author page.

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The Top 100 Songs of the Rock Era, 1954-1999

138 pages. $13.95 in U.S. dollars.

The Grammys. The Billboard charts. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Rolling Stone magazine. National Public Radio. The Library of Congress’ National Recording Registry. Q Magazine. Spin. New Musical Express. MTV. VH1. ASCAP. BBC. They’ve all put their stamp on “definitive” lists of the best songs of all time.

They all got it wrong.

Well, not completely wrong, but they all got it a little wrong. All those lists come from some bias or viewpoint that led to inclusions and exclusions that inevitably prompt head scratching.

However, Dave’s Music Database has eliminated the dilemma. Lists from over 100 sources have been compiled into the ultimate cream-of-the-crop list which will draw criticism from none and praise from all.

Well, one can dream.

You can learn more about this book at

Also available at Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

The Top 100 Songs of the Rock Era, 1954-1999: The E-Book Edition

138 pages. $5.99 in U.S. dollars.

Now available in e-book format as a PDF which should be accessible through any e-book reader or without a reader at all! For less than half the price, you get all the content of the print edition and more! Check out links on every song page to videos, lyrics, and downloads. The annotated bibliography now includes more than 200 sources to which you can directly link via the e-book.

No One Needs 21 Versions of “Purple Haze”
…And Other Essays from a Musical Obesessive

136 pages. $9.95 in U.S. dollars.

In this collection of essays, Dave Whitaker delves into his theory of musical hierarchy, tracks the technological changes in music over his lifetime, taps into why list making is so fascinating (well, it is to him), and, yes, admits to owning 21 versions of Jimi Hendrix’s “Purple Haze.”

Dave also fights music snobbery, advocating for “The Styx Defense” in which people should listen to whatever they want unashamedly. He argues for Kiss to be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame even though he isn’t a fan. He even confesses that he isn’t an audiophile, having never owned a fancy stereo system.

Come along on a journey into the mind of a self-confessed music obsessive. Hopefully you’ll emerge unscathed.

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