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Released: Feb. 9, 2009

Rating: 3.500 (average of 2 ratings)

Genre: adult alternative

Quotable: “For fans of Brit-Pop this new collection is a must-listen.” –

Album Tracks:

  1. Best of Times
  2. Through the Net
  3. Product
  4. Slaughtered Artist
  5. Still
  6. Relentless Pursuit
  7. Interest & Love
  8. Melancholy Emotion
  9. She Makes Me
  10. Happy Disposition
  11. Black Sheep
  12. Beachland Ballroom
  13. Little Ships
  14. Too Close to the Sun
All songs written by Glenn Tilbrook unless noted otherwise.

Sales (in millions):

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Singles/Hit Songs:

  • none

Pandemonium Ensues
Glenn Tilbrook & the Fluffers
“Glenn Tilbrook is one of the icons of British pop songwriting.” AZ He “went solo late in his career, releasing his debut album in 2001, more than 25 years after he co-founded Squeeze, one of the United Kingdom's popular new wave bands of the 1970s.” CL He “has endured as a solo artist over the past decade, continuing to release smart songs with irresistible hooks.” AZ

This time out, however, “he’s not going it alone, though; his backing band, the Fluffers, add a lot to his uptempo sound.” CL “The Fluffers feature two members from the latest Squeeze lineup (keyboardist Stephen Large and drummer Simon Hanson)” GG which did a reunion tour in 2008. “Pandemonium Ensues sounds like a band outing, a stylistically broad affair.” GG They make for “a tight, high-energy combo with bright spirits, close harmony, and a musical sensibility that lives up to the most memorable Squeeze classics. The new Tilbrook organization careens through rockers, ballads, and mid-tempo gems, all with the snappy lyrical attitude that has always made listening to this consummate craftsman a real pleasure.” AZ

“You can feel the energetic ensemble mind-set from the jaunty, accordion-driven and brimmingly optimistic Best of Times,” GG a song which is “pure Tilbrook in style.” CL “The melodic mastery that’s long been part of Tilbrook’s work is in abundant evidence, whether the setting is…soulful (Still), psychedelic (Happy Disposition)…mellow (Little Ships)” GG or “hard-rocking (Slaughtered Artist).” GG The latter careens “forward so fast that Tilbrook nearly trips over his own lyrics.” CL Elsewhere, there’s an “aggressive instrumental Too Close to the Sun that features spoken-word snippets from actor Johnny Depp (whose wife, Vanessa Paradis, guests on Interest & Love).” GG “Bassist Lucy Shaw even sings lead on the disjointed Product, which pairs choppy spoken verses with dreamy, fluid choruses.” CL

“Glenn Tilbrook’s growing confidence in writing his own lyrics and his characteristically poppy melodies contribute to the innate catchiness of Pandemonium Ensues.” CL “Still, the songs that work best are those that truly sound like a group effort: The backing vocals and jolly singalong ending of She Makes Me is classic Beatles-inspired pop, while the driving keyboards and harmonies on Relentless Pursuit are reminiscent of Yes’ radio hits. It may not be a Squeeze sequel stylistically, but Tilbrook’s solo work is at its best when it conjures the collaborative feel of his previous band.” CL “For fans of Brit-Pop this new collection is a must-listen.” AZ

The album is “produced by Glenn Tilbrook and Andrew J. Jones (Lord Large) and mixed by Bob Clearmountain.” UK

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