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Released: October 1977

Rating: 4.25 (average of 7 ratings)

Genre: rock > new wave


Album Tracks:

  1. Bold as Brass (T. Finn/Gillies) [3:31]
  2. My Mistake (T. Finn/Gillies) [3:02]
  3. Parrot Fashion Love (T. Finn/Rayner) [3:54]
  4. Sugar and Spice (Judd) [3:47]
  5. Without a Doubt (T. Finn) [6:07]
  6. Crosswords (T. Finn) [3:26]
  7. Charlie (T. Finn) [5:31]
  8. Nice to Know (T. Finn/Judd/Rayner) [4:24]
  9. Jamboree (Split Enz) [6:35]
All songs written by T. Finn/Judd unless noted otherwise.

Total Running Time: 40:14


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Singles/Hit Songs:

  • My Mistake (8/15/77) --
  • Bold As Brass (12/12/77) --

Split Enz
Dizrhythmia marks a change not only in personnel (half of the band had been replaced) but also musically and lyrically. With Tim Finn taking over the band, gone almost entirely are the neo-classical arrangements and abstract imagery in favor of a more direct approach that draws heavily from British Invasion-era pop as well as incorporating British music hall and straight-ahead rock & roll. And though the band is still hiding behind hair, colorful costumes, and the occasional swirl of carnival sounds, beneath it all Finn makes his most personal statements to date, showing his optimism and determination for the band's future while also revealing his uncertainty and fears. Most of the songs deal with relationships and, more specifically, his parting-of-ways with former collaborator and close friend Phil Judd” (Woodstra).

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