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Recorded: 1972-1975

Released: 1979

Rating: 3.0 (average of 4 ratings)

Genre: rock > new wave

Quotable: --

Album Tracks:

  1. Split Ends [1:53]
  2. For You [3:53]
  3. 129 (Matinee Idyll) [2:50]
  4. Home Sweet Home [3:46]
  5. Sweet Talking Spoon Song [3:24]
  6. No Bother to Me [3:13]
  7. Malmsbury Villa (Judd) [2:51]
  8. Lovey Dovey [3:26]
  9. Spellbound [4:34]
All songs written by T. Finn/ Judd unless noted otherwise.

Total Running Time: 29:50


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Singles/Hit Songs:

  • For You (2/73) --
  • Sweet Talking Spoon Song (11/73) --
  • No Bother to Me (4/74) --

Notes: “Spellbound” also appears on 1975’s Mental Notes. “Lovey Dovey” and “(129) Matinee Idyll” both appeared on the 1976 semi-compilation Second Thoughts.

Beginning of the Enz
Split Enz
“This Australian-only release [of early demos] shows the band in its eccentric formative years before a recording contract. Light acoustic arrangements of songs appearing on later albums coupled with long-forgotten gems make this a favorite among die-hard fans. Not the most representative picture of the band, but an interesting one” (Woodstra).

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