July 6, 1984






Album Tracks:

  1. Torture
  2. Wait
  3. One More Chance
  4. Be Not Always
  5. State of Shock (with Mick Jagger)
  6. We Can Change the World
  7. The Hurt
  8. Body

Sales (in millions):




Singles/Hit Songs:

  • State of Shock (6/30/84) #3 US, #14 UK, #4 RB, #42 AR, sales: 0.5 m
  • Torture (8/18/84) #17 US, #26 UK, #12 RB
  • Body (10/27/84) #47 US, #30a RB




The Jacksons


Victory has the distinctions of being the only Jacksons album to feature all six brothers and the last Jacksons album to feature Michael Jackson. In the four years that had passed since the last Jacksons studio album, Triumph, Michael had become the biggest pop star in the world because of 1982’s Thriller. He had little excuse other than family ties to work with his brothers again, but he agreed to a final album and tour.” WR

“So, here one has the ludicrous situation of an album in which Marlon Jackson has as prominent a role as Michael Jackson.” WR In fact, the album was comprised mainly of solo songs from the brothers; in fact, each brother had at least one solo track. WK

The lead single, State of Shock, featured Michael with Mick Jagger. It was followed by Torture, which featured the only solo from Jermaine, WK and it was a duet with Michael. “The tracks by other group members went virtually ignored.” WR Videos were done for “Torture” and Body; neither Michael nor Jermaine appeared in either one.

“In retrospect, Victory is a competent album of slick contemporary R&B, occasionally goosed toward greatness by the appearance of one of pop music's most identifiable voices. Which is the same thing you can say about nearly the entire Jackson 5/Jacksons catalog.” WR

Review Source(s):

State of Shock (video)

Torture (video)

Torture (video)

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