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1999 release

2009 release

Recorded: June 1, 1995

Released: 1999, 9/09 *

* The original Live at the Troubadour album came out in 1999. It was remastered and packaged with a DVD in 2009 and released as Welcome to Joytown – Thud Live at the Troubadour.

Rating: 4.143 (average of 4 ratings)

Genre: neo-prog rock

Quotable: --

Album Tracks:

  1. Waking the Sun *
  2. Joytown [8:32] (KG/ Bottrell/ MacLeod/ Schwartz)
  3. Goodness Gracious [3:41]
  4. Shrug [4:31]
  5. Waiting [5:02]
  6. Tea for One [6:07]
  7. Miss Broadway [5:19]
  8. The Tears of Audrey *
  9. When You Give Your Love to Me [3:12]
  10. The Ballad of Jenny Ledge [5:10] (KG/ Leonard)
  11. Kashmir [5:26] (Page, Plant)
  12. Smash *
  13. Song for a Dead Friend [5:20]

Songs written by Kevin Gilbert unless noted otherwise.

* Only on the remastered Welcome to Joytown; not on the original Live at the Troubadour.


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The Players:

  • Kevin Gilbert (vocals/ bass/ production)
  • Russ Parish: (guitar/ vocals)
  • David Kerzner (keyboards)
  • Nick D'Virgilio (drums/ vocals,/ production)
  • Satnam Ramgotra (tabla/ mouth drums on “Joytown” and “Kashmir”)


  • John Cuniberti: produced, recorded, mixed, mastered
  • Jon Rubin: Executive Producer
  • Ken Lee: mastering
  • Wayne Perez: Live Photos
  • Hugh Brown: Design and cover photo

Mixed at Coast Recorders

Notes: Originally released in 1999 as Live at the Troubadour, this set was re-released in 2009 as a combination CD/DVD called Welcome to Joytown – Thud Live at the Troubadour. This version has a “cover designed by Grammy winner Hugh Brown. The DVD contains a 3 camera video of the entire live performance, freshly mastered sound, and over 30 minutes of extras including an extensive interview of Kevin and rare live footage. The re-mastered CD includes previously unreleased versions of Tears of Audrey and SmashPO as well as Waking the Sun (see track listing above). You can buy it at

Live at the Troubadour/
Welcome to Joytown

Kevin Gilbert
“For an independent release [Thud] was received quite well and demand was there for live shows. Kevin put together a live band that first played as Gilbert’s Toy but soon changed to Kevin Gilbert and Thud. They played several live-shows around the East Coast. Now 5 years after these shows, a posthumous live disc is released from one of these energetic shows.” KF This is “an excellent live album from the late, great musical genius Kevin Gilbert.” JB

Despite being a multi-instrumentalist, Gilbert sticks to vocals and bass for the show “and Nick D’Virgilio of Spock's Beard fame plays drums.” JB “The set was recorded for KLOS radio and clocks in just under 1 hour.” KF

“This music is not your typical prog.” JB Most of it is “pop/singer-songwriter-oriented,” KF showcasing Gilbert’s knack for “intelligent songs and brilliant musicianship.” ED This stuff “is very acoustical and song driven, with thoughtful and, at times cynical lyrics.” JB Actually, “most of Kevin’s lyrics are quite dark [but his] rash voice fits them perfect for these live versions.” KF

“A lengthy version of Joytown…opens the show. As a special guest Satnam Ramgotra plays tabla on this. ‘Joytown’ is a hypnotic track with a cool groove and intricate Wurlitzer-playing by David. There’s also a little percussive solo by Nick who leads in a heavy manic section.” KF

This and six other cuts from the Thud album appear here. Most of the songs “stay true to the original version, like the upbeat Goodness Gracious or the Gabriel-like Shrug. Others tend to differ a little more,” KF such as “a heavier version of Waiting.” ED

One of the highlights is “the beautiful Tea for One,” JB which “has some great guitar-playing by Mr. Parish, including a chilling solo at the end. Kevin manages to bring across the beauty of the song live.” KF

“Of the non-Thud tracks there is one (until now) unreleased song, Miss Broadway, which is an open letter to his former girlfriend Sheryl Crow. Here he spills his guts about her in a straightforward song.” KF Also here is Toy Matinee’s The Ballad of Jenny Ledge, another “set regular fitting in perfectly with Kevin’s other material.” KF

Fans will be excited by Gilbert and co.’s take on Led Zeppelin’s Kashmir. Originally recorded for Encomium, a Led Zep tribute album, the song was rejected, but later picked up by a Los Angeles radio station. It eventually was packaged as a single with the Thud album. The song “came to be one of the standards in Kevin’s set.” KF

“Ending the set is one of the most gorgeous tracks ever written: Song for a Dead Friend, a chilling ode to a lost friend. On Thud it’s a piano/vocal track; here it’s performed with acoustic guitar.” KF

“Not many bands have a live performance that came out this well.” ED “Really great sound for a live album” ED and “an exceptional performance by a musical genius that was taken from us way too soon.” JB

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