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Released: September 25, 2001

Rating: 3.875 (average of 8 ratings)

Genre: rock > adult alternative

Quotable: --

Album Tracks:

  1. Songline [3:21]
  2. I’ll Never Know [4:58]
  3. Subway Dreaming [4:17]
  4. Say It Is So (T. Finn/White) [2:44]
  5. What You’ve Done (T. Finn/O’Maonlai/White) [3:44]
  6. Sawdust and Splinters [4:00]
  7. Dead Man [4:00]
  8. Commonplace [4:58]
  9. Waiting for Your Moment [2:47]
  10. Party Was You [3:15]
  11. Incognito in California (Judd) [3:44]
All songs written by Tim Finn unless otherwise noted.


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Singles/Hit Songs:

  • What You’ve Done (?) --

Feeding the Gods
Tim Finn
“Tim Finn, former founder of Split Enz and member of Crowded House, returns with a new solo album, Feeding the Gods on What Are Records. Finn wraps his unmistakable tenor in simple, but arresting arrangements that transcend fad and fashion as he sings odes to love, life and the creation of music. Throughout it all is this distinctive pop touch Finn is known for-a delectable offering to the gods” (

”Tim Finn has enjoyed minor successes in both his solo and group outings. After being integral parts of Split Enz, pop rock aficionados Crowded House, and one half of The Finn Brothers, Tim Finn is still trying hard to make his mark. Many are familiar with his work, without knowing it. Often harmonizing with his brother, Neil, Finn has been able to remain a small fish in a big pop rock pond. While it is safe and expected to lump the Finn brothers together in both sound and substance, it's not always an accurate measure” (Branagan).

”Those familiar with Split Enz or Crowded House's sound will take note of a softer vocal presence, due to Neil's dominant vocals. Fans will also agree that the brothers' solo musical paths work best when they convene as one. In fact, when listening to Tim perform on his own is when you realize how much of his success has been living under the Finn brother umbrella--no matter what the incarnation” (Branagan).

”If the Finn brothers have been creating music equivalent to candy, Tim Finn would be making music that was both of the sweet and sour variety. With edgier vocals and less than tight arrangements, Feeding the Gods has underdog written all over it” (Branagan).

There are a few moments with Crowded House undertones, like I’ll Never Know or Say It Isn’t So--the latter of which might as well be the textbook definition of a British pop ditty. When Finn is not being cute, he's being Paul Westerberg on tracks like Subway Dreaming and Party Was You. I wish I could say there was someone out there trying to be the next Tim Finn, but with Feeding the Gods, I'm afraid that's not likely to be the case” (Branagan).

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