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Released: Nov. 3, 1998

Genre: classic rock

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Album Tracks:

  1. When You Love Someone
  2. Turn This Love Around
  3. Someday
  4. Violent Days
  5. Change for Change
  6. One in a Million
  7. Given You Up for Dead
  8. Don’t Wait
  9. Talk to Me
  10. Don’t Lead Me On
  11. Dangerous *
* bonus track

Rating: 3.383 (average of 6 ratings)


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Singles/Hit Songs:

  • none

“This album followed 7 years after the…RTZ debut…There are some great songs here, although it doesn’t quite match the brilliance of the first one. These songs were recorded over several years, and is a collection of songs that were sort of thrown together and released commercially, hence the title Lost. If you like Brad Delp, the Boston sound, or the RTZ debut album, you'll probably like this one” (Neals).

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