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Released: December 6, 2004

Rating: 3.950 (average of 5 ratings)

Genre: classic rock

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Album Tracks:

  1. What You Leave Behind
  2. Hands of Time
  3. Let It Roll
  4. Out of My Hands
  5. Keep on Runnin’
  6. Everyday
  7. I Need Your Love
  8. Rhythm Won’t Stop
  9. Reconciliation
  10. My One True Love


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Singles/Hit Songs:

  • none

Notes: This album and the RTZ archival collection Lost and Found are generally available together in a 2-CD set.

Delp & Goudreau
Delp & Goudreau
This album was generally packaged with the RTZ archival collection Lost. It represents “the latest step of the partnership between Brad Delp and Barry Goudreau, the album aptly entitled Delp & Goudreau. The CD, recorded in Goudreau’s home studio, features all new tracks written by Delp and Goudreau with the intent of making music for the pleasure of making music – pure delight for the melodic rock ears” (

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