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Released: Sept. 20, 1980

Genre: classic rock

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Album Tracks:

  1. Hard Luck
  2. Nothin’ to Lose
  3. What’s a Fella to Do?
  4. Mean Woman Blues
  5. Leavin’ Tonight
  6. Dreams
  7. Life Is What We Make It
  8. Sailin’ Away
  9. Cold Cold World

Rating: 3.823 (average of 9 ratings)


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peak on U.S. Billboard album chart 88
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Singles/Hit Songs:

  • Dreams

Barry Goudreau
Barry Goudreau
“With alum from the band Boston, Barry Goudreau put together an interesting nine songs recorded in Nashville and Los Angeles. It’s the distinctive Boston guitar sound with more basic rock & roll” (Vigilione). “Goudreau’s guitar and Syb Hashian’s drums are a powerful combo – no bassist is listed” (Vigilione).

“The song Dreams gave Goudreau’s self-titled debut the radio attention it deserved, and a bit of a following. This track definitely sounds like the band Boston which, rumor has it, upset Tom Scholz” (Vigilione).

Life Is What We Make It and Cold Cold World are good slices of American hard rock” (Vigilione). “What’s a Fella to Do could be a sequel to ‘Rock and Roll Band’; Mean Woman Blues goes in an almost Foghat direction” (Vigilione).

“Fran Cosmo’s vocals feel a bit more British than Brad Delp, and Leavin’ Tonight leans more toward producer Mike Chapman and the sound of the Sweet than one would expect” (Vigilione).

“The string quartet on Sailin’ Away gives the album a depth and identity” (Vigilione).

Overall, this is “just a bunch of professional musicians playing what they like and coming up with a gem” (Viglione). “More refined than Grand Funk Railroad and not as slick as the Mickey Thomas version of Starship, the Barry Goudreau album is a fun record free from the restrictions of Scholz’s meticulous production” (Vigilione).

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